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Since 2013 social media groups have been formed to exchange news about the event and to follow recent discussions. On YouTube you find interviews, statements, key notes and related topic lectures online. On LinkedIn, XING, and Facebook you find recent news and discussions. And on Twitter you find the news submitted by hashtag #EuroSPI. Please join the network to share the news and discussions.

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EuroAsiaSPI² and the ECQA Newsletter

EuroAsiaSPI² (EuroSPI and EuroAsiaSPI² are the same community) has established a Europe wide community and conference series since 1994. Since 1994 every year an annual conference is organised in a different region of Europe and more and more topics are addressed. In 2005 an EU project (under the leadership of EuroAsiaSPI² board members) called European Quality Network was accepted which until 2007 developed the framework for a Europe wide certification of job roles. The idea was that certain knowledge discussed at EuroAsiaSPI² conferences can be bundled into skills sets (defined set of competencies) and job roles (jobs which need these competencies) and to establish an independent certification body that can certify those skills. In follow up EU projects (ECQA Campus, DEUCERT) until 2012 this certification body has been established and job roles and certificates elaborated in EuroAsiaSPI² workshop communities are certified applying European certification standards.

From 2012 onwards the newsletter from the certification body ECQA promotes job roles elaborated in the wider EuroAsiaSPI² community, as well as the conference itself.

Since EuroAsiaSPI² currently grows into more workshop communities and more strategic projects this will inherently lead to more job roles for ECQA.

You find joint newsletters below:


Download ECQA Newsletter2017/07 English

DownloadECQA Newsletter2016/09 English

DownloadECQA Newsletter2016/06English

DownloadECQA Newsletter2016/03 English

DownloadECQA Newsletter 2015, December 2015 English

DownloadECQA Newsletter No. 3/2013, December 2013 English

Download ECQA Newsletter No. 2/2013, August 2013 English

Download ECQA Newsletter No. 1/2013, May 2013 English

Download ECQA Newsletter No. 3, 13.12.2012 English

Download ECQA Newsletter No. 2, 30.08.2012 English

Download ECQA Newsletter No. 1, 30.05.2012 English