SPI Manifesto

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What is the Manifesto?

In  September  2009  a  group  of  experts  in  Software  Process Improvement (SPI) from all over the world gathered in  connection  with  the  EuroSPI  Conference  for  a  work
shop at Universidad de Alcalá in Spain. EuroAsiaSPI²'s mission is to develop an experience and knowledge  exchange  platform  for  Europe  where  SPI  practices
can be discussed and exchanged and knowledge can be gathered and shared.

The Manifesto defines values and principles for making SPI work.

In early 2010 the SPI Manifesto has been published the first time.


How did the term SPI evolve over time?

In the 90s EuroAsiaSPI² defined the term as Software Process Improvement. In 2001 - 2010 the SPI term was extended to System Software Process Improvement and Innovation. In 2012 the SPI term interpretation was further enhanced to System, Software, Services Process and Product Improvement and Innovation. In 2016 the conference talked about the connected systems (e.g. vehicle in the cloud) so that the terms safety, security, and infrastructure got included. Therefore the most recent interpretation of the SPI term is System, Software, Services, Safety, and Security Process and Product Improvement, Innovation, and Infrastructure.

This means that over the last 25 years the SPI term developed from a plain definition to a multi-sectoral understanding S(5)P(2)I(3). This extended understanding of the term SPI allows to use it in modern engineering of complex systems.

When the SPI Manifesto was developed in 2009 still the traditional term Software Process Improvement was used as an underlying paradigm. Since the SPI term developed in the community to a concept of S(5)P(2)I(3) we expect a further development of the SPI Manifesto in the next years.


How do we plan to further develop the SPI Manifesto?

The current version of the SPI Manifesto describes three values and 10 principles. Each value is described with a context, a value, and hints how to achieve it. Each principle is described with an explanation and an example. The SPI Manifesto shall be referenced in future by all papers and each paper shall contain a section about how a SPI manifesto value or principle can be mapped. If the paper addresses aspects that are not covered by the SPI Manifesto so far the authors shall write new ideas of values and principles to be included.