The EuroSPI App


EuroAsiaSPI App Use case

The EuroAsiaSPI App is free. Each workshop and the research stream of the conference have a characteristic icon and when reading the icon the program page opens on the mobile screen. This new solution substitutes the paper handout of the program at the annual conference.

EuroAsiaSPI App License

The EuroSPI App license is free, no costs are involved for users. The access to the icons is free, no cost involved for the users. The license is solely for the conference attendees so that an easy access to the content of the conference program onsite is available. The gamification (counting number of workshops) is free, no cost involved for users. The EuroASiaSPI App is sollely used for the EuroSPI and EuroAsiaSPI conference series, which is a European series of annual conferences since 1994.


EuroAsiaSPI Icons and Markers

The icons of the workshops and the research stream are below. If you click the icon it will increase and show the icon in a size that can be recognised by the AR app.
Industry 4.0
Functional Safety
Agile and Lean
Diversity Strategies
Medical Industry
Future Infrastructure
Research Stream

App Development Team Info

A team of international students at the University of Applied Sciences Joanneum (Information Design Study Programme) in cooperation with ISCN GmbH (Manager of the EuroAsiaSPI conference) have developed the App for the EuroAsiaSPI conference organisation. The students come from different countries, such as Austria, Spain, Ireland, and Mexico. The team cooperated with a software specialist at ISCN to integrate the App into the EuroAsiaSPI services.
Laura Aschbacher, ISCN GesmbH
Mariana Ramirez, FH Joanneum
Mario Benavente, FH Joanneum
Valentin Lopez, FH Joanneum
Richard Cross, FH Joanneum
Tobias Zehetner, ISCN GesmbH