For selecting your favourite hotel in Edinburgh platforms like offer a wide variety of places to stay.

Please consult also the pages of the Official Guide of Edinburgh!

Find a flyer with city map here...


If you like to stay in a hotel very close, just next to the John McIntyre Centre, accomodation is available within the 3* Salisbury Green Hotel & Bistro (=formerly Masson House Hotel & Bistro) at Pollock Halls. It can be booked on all usual platforms, but EuroAsiaSPI 2019 delegates will get a reduction of 15%, when you book it through mentioning the code "EVENT".


Lorit-Consultancy has agreed with some hotels a special price policy for EuroSPI 2019.

The EuroSPI 2019 special hotel map shows you, where the selected hotels are located and how to get from here to the JohnMcIntyre Center by public transport.